Providing Distributed Blockchain Technology to people all over the world. preCharge allows Consumers and Merchants to validate their Identity & Transactions instantly. Stop getting denied.


Free Cryptocurrency Transfers. Never pay a Network fee for preCharge Transfers.


Instant Token Transfers between preCharge Wallets, Bitcoin, PCPi and more coming soon.


Wallets are Secured by Email Verification, One Time Passwords by your Device and a Password.


Experience Counts

Consumers can now enjoy the benefits that Merchants have taken advantage of for over a decade. Billions of dollars were processed through the preCharge Global Network since 2003, giving each of the nearly 2,000 preCharge Merchants an industry-leading technology, never seen before. We are now releasing that same technology to the consumers. Isn’t it about time you knew who was using your Identity?

  • Machine Language Learning
  • 10+ Year Proven Technology
  • Quantum Computer Proof
  • Future Proof Algorithms
  • Proprietary Technology

Advanced Technology

True Artificial Intelligence

Bullet Proof Network

Built from Ground Up


Wallet Holders

The Power of One

…..Registrations. With preCharge Secure it is all one.  One cart, unified payments.

Avoid Network Fees & Delays

Free Cryptocurrency Transfers. Never pay a Network fee for inter-preCharge Wallet Transfers, even with Bitcoin.

Beyond Lightning Fast

Instant Token Transfers between preCharge Wallets, Bitcoin, PCPi and more coming soon.

Instant Deposit Options

Instant deposits for PCPi, Bitcoin and more coming soon. (Bitcoin Network Speeds outside of the Wallet can be slow)

Complete & Open Transparency

All preCharge Technology is based on Universal Open Source Standards and is independently Tested for your Protection.

Three-Factor Authentication

Every Wallet is Secured by Email Verification, One Time Passwords by your Device and your own Password.

Secure Backups & Offline Storage

Primary Assets are Stored offline in a Secure, Monitored and Independently Controlled Hardware Wallets.


  • Default PairUSD/PCPi
  • SymbolPCPi
  • Token Price1 USD = 100 PCPi
  • Total Supply10,000,000,000 PCPi
  • Minimum Purchase$1.00 USD
  • Project ProtocolProof of Stake

Management Team

Ralph Dahm

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dahm has spent over 30 years providing value to clients ranging from start-up technology firms to Fortune 50 corporations, delivering consulting and software application development solutions to solve business problems.  He earned a BBA Management and is a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator.

Barbara Weisbein

Chief Operations Adviser

30 years in Human Resources Management and Consulting in entrepreneurial environments, including professional services (public accounting, technology), start-ups, consulting, information security and manufacturing.

Donald Fairley

Chief Business Strategist

25 years of business, marketing and strategy expertise in multiple disciplines throughout the United States, encompassing all areas of eCommerce from startup to business acquisitions.

Doug Hobbs

Senior Marketing Strategist

Over 25 years in senior management, special events, marketing, auto racing, staff training, consultation and major media buys.  Experienced in Olympic Games and racetrack management plus major corporate events.

Lisa Smith

Senior Legal Adviser

Over 22 years of proven experience in corporate financial control, compliance risk management, audit and independent consulting, managerial oversight and compliance leadership.  Lisa earned the JD, MBA, CFE, and CAMS certifications.

Traci Lockhart Hobbs

Senior Communications Adviser

Over 30 years of experience in senior-level local and national marketing campaigns, from creation to mass- distribution, from startup to major enterprise, handling all corporate events.

Ferrari Emanuele

Senior Business Adviser

Nearly 20 years sales, marketing and business experience. Ferrari has worked on multiple successful ICO projects, and advises on multiple areas of business, management and marketing.

Contact US

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