preCharge Blockchain & preCharge Utility Token, PCPi.

Providing Distributed Blockchain Technology to people all over the world. preCharge allows Consumers and Merchants to validate their Identity & Transactions instantly. Stop getting denied.

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15 y/o Fintech Company, US Based & Proven Technology
CIK #: 0001729097 | DUNs #: 081052728 | TIN #: 82-3405652

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1 PCPi = $0.01/USD

Softcap - $3.5m

USA Based + USA Available for Purchase

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Accepting Credit Cards, PayPal, BTC and other options.

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What Does preCharge PING Do?

The preCharge Blockchain is your source for Free Single Sign-On, Multi-Asset, Ultra Secure centralized access to major Merchants, Payment Networks and even Secure Private Messaging preCharge uses a proprietary BlockChain Technology to process over 1,000 Transactions a second through its Global Network. No longer worry about Wallet addresses, paper Backups or Lost keys, everything is transferred and controlled by your email address.

Why preCharge?

  • The Power of One
    No need to worry about Multiple Wallets, Multiple Logins, Multiple Registrations, with preCharge Secure it’s all one. One cart, Unified Payments.
  • Avoid Network Fees & Delays
    Free Cryptocurrency Transfers, never pay a Network fee for inter preCharge Wallet Transfers even with Bitcoin.
  • Beyond Lightning Fast
    Instant Token Transfers between preCharge Wallets, Bitcoin, PCPi and more coming soon.
  • Instant Deposit Options
    Instant deposits for PCPi, Bitcoin and more coming soon. (Bitcoin Network Speeds outside of the Wallet can be slow)
  • Complete & Open Transparency
    All preCharge Technology is based on Universal Open Source Standards and is Idependly Tested for your Protection.
  • Three-Factor Authentication
    Every Wallet is Protected by Email Verification, One Time Passwords by your Device and your own Password.
  • The United States & UK Based
    preCharge is Idependly Monitored, Regulated and Audited by Third Party Leaders in their Field.
  • Secure Backups & Offline Storage
    Primary Assets are Stored offline in a Secure, Monitored and Independently Controlled Hardware Wallets.

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What is the preCharge Utility Token (PCPi)?

Our Core
PCPi is a combination of real-world knowledge, industry-leading experience and the very best technology available. Since 2003, preCharge has been protecting merchants all over the world. Cryptocurrency, aka Tokens since 2005 and Blockchain technology, aka Distributed Ledgers since 2007.

Consumers can now enjoy the benefits that Merchants have taken advantage of for over a decade. Billions of dollars were processed through the preCharge Global Network since 2003, giving each of the nearly 2,000 preCharge Merchants an industry-leading technology, never seen before. We are now releasing that same technology to the consumers. Isn’t it about time you knew who was using your Identity?

  • Machine Language Learning
  • 10+ Year Proven Technology
  • Quantum Computer Proof
  • Future Proof Algorithms
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Proof of Stake Mining
  • Largest Bounty Ever
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Global Technology Leaders
  • Bullet Proof Network
  • Fully Insured & Monitored
  • Full Industry Compliance
  • Third Party Auditors
  • Regulators Noticed

Coming Soon

  • Advanced Referral Program & Blockbuster Bounty
  • Secure, Instant and Private Messaging with Unlimited Storage.
  • oAuth Bridge to Many popular Web sites that you Already Use.
  • Ripple, Litecoin, Electrum, Ethereum and many more.
  • Access your Wallet on Amazon Alexa & Google Assist.
  • Manage your preCharge Wallet through Secure SMS messages.
  • Free Debit Card, accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Inter Bank deposits & Transfers.
  • Cash deposits & Transfers.

and much, much more. Tell us what you think!

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We are Giving Consumers a Fighting Chance ...

Protecting Millions of People Since 2003.

Since before Blockchain became all the buzz, since before people knew about Cryptocurrency, preCharge has been helping merchants and consumers all over the world.

What Experience does preCharge have with Cryptocurrency?

In 2006/07/08 and others since, preCharge worked with Sony Entertainment & Galanet to help them on the Risk, Legal and Technical side of the Development of their Own Cryptocurrency & Gaming Tokens.

What Experience does preCharge have with Blockchain?

In 2007/08 and others since preCharge has advised other Blockchain Technologies on How to create a stable and secure Blockchain. After all, preCharge has been creating distributed Ledgers for over a decade.

What Experience does preCharge have with Identity Protection?

preCharge had worked with Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and others over the Years to create and develop Secure and enhanced Consumer Identity Products. Want to know how People Hacked Experian, we Know.

What Experience does preCharge have with Analytics?

Several Years ago, preCharge was hired to do forensic analysis on a major security Breach for a leading Resort in California and Throughout the United States. preCharge uncovered compromises in the Micros POS System and other Networks to the point that Visa called preCharge into an eight-hour Video Tapped Deposition to uncover How preCharge found out what Visa and Regulators could not.

What Experience does preCharge have with Regulations?

Since 2006, preCharge has been working with, Training and Speaking in Front of the FBI, Homeland Security, even local levels of the Government like the NYC Police Department.

What Experience does preCharge have with Analytics?

In 2016, preCharge used its Analytics to Track Millions of Dollars a Day in Stolen Credit Cards being used to ship Millions of Dollars in Merchandise Through Florida Drop Shippers to be rerouted to Russia, Japan, and China. preCharge reported its findings to the FBI, Secret Service, and State Department. Would make for a great Story but no one listened.

What Experience does preCharge have working with Major Brand Names?

For Years, companies like Western Union and others have Tried to work with preCharge. Our Insurance Provider was AIG, until preCharge decided their Risk exposure was too much for our Clients in 2008.

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Some of our Team Members …

Alex Corral

Alex Corral

Founder & CEO
Eddie Medina

Eddie Medina

Cyber Security
John Radford

John Radford

Application Development
Ralph Dahm

Ralph Dahm

Chief Relationship Officer
Larry Cameron

Larry Cameron

Chief Technology Officer
Mark Justice

Mark Justice


and many more …

Token Distribution ...

The People's Blockchain.

preCharge was built on over a decade of experience, hard work, and dedication by thousands of loyal fans, merchants and millions of consumers. preCharge is truly the People’s token and we believe it’s time to give that back to the Community in a big way. From the largest Bug Bounty ever to the creation of the preCharge Blockchain eXchange, a Not-for-Profit community forum for the open development of the Platform, we believe that preCharge represents the most aggressive push forward for the Blockchain Community.

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