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preCharge, Inc. Announces An Exciting 3 for 1 Promotion!

Have you noticed anything special about Bitcoin recently, how it has surged to over US$17,700?  Also did you notice that Citi predicts Bitcoin will rise in value to US$318,000 by the end of 2021?  What does this have to do with preCharge?  Well, as the value of Bitcoin soars, so does the value of the preCharge PCPi token!

Now preCharge is creating a greater opportunity as we are offering a 3 for 1 promotion for the remaining PCPi tokens.  preCharge is offering the PCPi token at US$.01 each but you can now obtain 3 PCPi tokens for the price of one.  If you purchase US$100 of PCPi tokens, you will receive 30,000 PCPi tokens instead of 10,000.  Plus, you can stake these tokens for one year at 10% annual interest rate.  Buy at  Now accepting payment via Cash App$RalphDahm

preCharge Inc. is a multi-faceted company with capabilities in Blockchain, Marketing, Management, Merchandising, Recruitment, Advertising and Resource Utilization.  Our growing token utility and projection is for a strong 2021.  We invite you to join our thousands of wallet holders who have already seized the opportunity!

To your future success!