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About preCharge

Welcome to the preCharge 2.0

preCharge was founded in 2003. With the rapid expansion of ecommerce since the explosive growth of internet access in the 1990s, it has become increasingly necessary for all businesses to succeed online in order to grow and thrive. This relatively young and quickly evolving industry presents many risk factors, most notably hacking and credit card fraud. But while cyber security has improved enormously over this time, credit card fraud prevention has not kept up. Today, the challenges for online businesses in preventing fraud are still significant, and often poorly understood. We remain the industry’s only fraud prevention team capable of offering a guaranteed service with expertise in every country worldwide.

Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide guaranteed, expert fraud screening for online businesses anywhere in the world. Our central goal has two parts: to increase clients’ revenues by allowing them to accept new transactions in unfamiliar or risky markets, and to protect them from losses by screening out fraudulent transactions in even the safest markets. Because we believe in our service, we will guarantee any client against chargebacks, taking on a major risk of doing business online, so that our clients can grow and expand safely.

We believe that every online business should have the opportunity to service any country, because successful, global ecommerce markets are fundamentally good for the world. But because the problem of credit card fraud is complex and rapidly evolving, it poses a significant challenge for any business to safely grow and expand. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that even well-established, familiar markets sometimes undergo periods of high fraud activity. For many businesses, it can be impossible to stay ahead of the curve with acceptably low risk. This is why we believe that our service plays an important role, allowing clients to have the opportunities they deserve in an industry with major barriers to growth.

Why We’re Unique
There are some automated fraud-prevention services available to online merchants, using algorithms to assess fraud risk. We have found that some of these can help merchants reliably avoid a small portion of fraudulent transactions. However, even the best of these falls short in understanding when a transaction may appear risky for some reasons, but is in fact valid. On the other hand, our services include manual review by individual Fraud Prevention Specialists, incorporating deep research that cannot be done by programs. Our team members have years of experience reviewing hundreds of thousands of transactions, for a variety merchants and from over 200 countries. This means we have the expertise to guarantee many transactions that look risky and prevent instances of fraud that algorithms miss. Our Certified Payments program is the only chargeback coverage service.