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preCharge offers the only service that safeguards your bottom line against fraud. Nothing can stop fraud from happening, but preCharge protects your revenues when it does. Since 2003, preCharge has helped thousands of merchants worldwide recover billions of dollars in lost revenue, and we can help you too. preCharge is a fully automated, fully compatible third party solution that screens, verifies, and warranties all approved transactions, guaranteed!

The Power of preCharge

Find out why so many merchants rely on preCharge

  • <strong>Free Setup and Integration</strong>

    Free Setup and Integration

    Get started today, pay nothing, sign nothing, it's really that simple.

  • <strong>Satisfaction Guaranteed</strong>

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Not happy in the first 30 days? Pay nothing.

  • <strong>Completely Transparent</strong>

    Completely Transparent

    preCharge is completely transparent to the user. No user intervention or registration.

  • <strong>Net Terms</strong>

    Net Terms

    Simply give preCharge a try. If you are happy with it, we will only bill you for what you use.

  • <strong>Your Software</strong>

    Your Software

    Your software, your merchant account, your gateway. Nothing to change.

  • <strong>Guaranteed Protection</strong>

    Guaranteed Protection

    If you get a chargeback while using preCharge, we will cover the cost of that chargeback.

Guaranteed Global Protection
We protect online businesses from credit card fraud, which is one of the most significant sources of risk in ecommerce. Our team of Fraud Prevention Specialists has over ten years of experience screening millions of transactions, and has helped merchants of all sizes expand their businesses to over 200 countries worldwide. We guarantee our service, so that our clients can safely grow into any online market, anywhere in the world.

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